Kerith is an unlockable character for Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.

He and his sister, Jaryn are the co-founders and leaders of the elitist dance crew, The Glitterati. He returns in Dance Central 3, unlockable at level 15. He also appears post-credits with Jaryn, promising to make trouble for DCI.

Birthday: June 4th (same as Jaryn's birthday)

Age: 18

Height: 6'3"


Outfits[edit | edit source]

Dance Central 2[edit | edit source]

Glitterati Look:

Kerith's Glitterati uniform is composed of: a skin-tight silver tank top, black leather pants, an ankle-length boot and a thigh-high boot, a single shoulder-length black glove, and a black vest with the Glitterati logo stamped on its back. Both the right side of his pants and his glove feature a revealing cutout in the shape of a spiral. He wears black eyeliner, and silver make-up markings, under his eyes, and on his left bicep.

Street Style Look:

Kerith's color scheme is silver, purple, and black. Now, he is shown to be wearing gray dress pants with a button up black vest that has a purple shirt underneath. He also has a bubble holed purple over vest that has silver trim.

In either outfit he has facepaint, silver and black in his Glitterati Look, and then silver and purple in his Street Style Look.

Dance Central 3[edit | edit source]

Haute Blooded

A silver vest over a brown tank-top, with matching black skin tight pants. He has a jeweled armband on his left arm, a light brown double belt, and brown eyeshadow.

Crew Look

Kerith's Glitterati outfit from Dance Central 2.

Street Style

Kerith's Street Style from Dance Central 2.

Character Creation

Perlot: The Glitterati are my babies. Bodie was our attempt at the most approachable character in Dance Central 2 and The Glitterati are by far the least. With this crew we’re building a narrative of an ultimate crew in the city – an elitist crew. They have plenty of great dialogue that reflects that as well. One of Jaryn’s lines is: “I’ll take a mental picture of you…and then burn it with a match.” We actually had to cut a line that had to do with poisoning..

Perlot: When designing them we thought, “What would best represent synchrony for the perfect crew?” We decided on identical twins. Both Jaryn and Kerith are very tall and have runway/military inspired clothing. As twins they’re the ultimate crew since they’re always on the same wavelength and are most in unison.

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